Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Saturday

Today I'm dreaming of summer, beautiful flowers, and WARM sunshine! What a great day to share my favorite PINK flowers of summer.

This is a "Bleeding Heart" perennial. It starts blooming in early spring and grows very quickly. We can actually see that it has grown from day to day until it reaches this size. We have two of these and the other one is beside this one. Beautiful! When they die off in August it is sad and there is a big gaping whole in this part of the flower bed that I am continually trying to figure out what I can use to fill in with. Any ideas?This beauty is called "Lady's Mantle". I originally transplanted one very small one from my mom's perennial garden and I now have four or five this size!

This is an annual called "Tidal Wave Petunia". I took this picture about mid-summer when it was halfway to it's full size. They are beautiful and worth the price! There are only two petunia plants in this pot!
The one on the right was taken in August at full size.
There was only 1 plant in this pot along with a small
perennial called "Candy Tuft" (look for more on that
on a future blog)! Don't you love the chair that I found
in my neighbor's trash pile?!? The seat was missing
so I put a pot of flowers in it and set it in the middle
of the perennial garden in the back yard. I love to look
out my kitchen window to this view (I could do without
the view of the woodpile, but am appreciating that wood
pile right now in the middle of winter!)

This my mom's Tidal Wave Petunia pot! She only put 3 plants in this big pot with a spikey plant in the middle. (Those hot dogs on the grill look yummy, don't they?)
I hope you've enjoyed these beautiful PINK signs of summer as much as I have!